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welcome! I’m Lynn

I’m so glad you’re here

This Blessed Nest is all about good food, fun crafts and home improvement/decor projects, and of course family and friends. I’ve always liked to throw a good party or special celebration, so you’ll also find fun party decorating and party food ideas!

Besides all that, I’m a mom, wife, and grandma! And there will always special place in my home and heart for my fur-kids – afterall what is a home without pets?

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Fun and Tasty Recipes for your family

Whether you are looking for a fun but tasty breakfast burrito the kids will eat, or a family meal that is sure to satisfy the pickiest of eaters, or maybe that special holiday or birthday dessert – I hope you’ll find something for everyone and every occasion.

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DIY Craft Ideas and Tutorials

Candy canes tart muffin cupcake muffin jujubes carrot cake pudding lemon drops. Marshmallow dessert cookie sugar plum sweet roll lemon drops. Cotton candy jelly gummi bears cookie sweet roll cupcake.

Crafting with Cricut

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Designing + Decorating your House to be your Home

I’ve taken on some updates to our home, as well as some fun decorating changes.

Latest Projects

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Entertaining for the Holidays

Weather it’s a family holiday celebration for Thanksgiving or Christmas, or a Wedding, or just a Gathering with Friends and Family, I love to through a good party – and it always involves lots of food and decorations!

Latest gatherings

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